The Greatest Bonk of My Life

Word got out to my teammates that I started this blog, now everyone wants a piece of it. I have had many suggestions of what I should put on here in the last couple days, but Marten Bostrom gave the only good one. Maybe wisdom does come with years. After all, he is the oldest runner in the NCAA.

As the RunPD tag line says, I really have been “running as fast as I can since ’93.” As many runners know, sometimes you can push yourself too hard and it makes you pay in the end. This was the case at my Marmonte League Finals in 2006, my senior year. I was running the 3200m and friend and teammate Michael Cybulski (8:53 two-miler later that year) agreed to pace me to try to run a 9:20 (a 5-second PR). All was going well until the last 200m; I knew it was going to be a very rough finish.

The video below shows the last 80m of the race.

I ended up with a 9:26, just one second off my PR, and 2nd place in that race. This race comes to mind whenever I see another athlete experience bonking. Unfortunately, I have had other experiences similar to this one, especially in the steeplechase. I can only hope there won’t be more to come.

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  1. BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH PD!! WHAT is this ridiculous PAGE?>!?! soo funny. my favorite video i’ve proabalby seen it fifty times. but it doesnt get old. let’s put the drake one up now. bhaaaaaaaa.

  2. That is phenomenal….the double slow-mo barrel roll at the end that took 13 seconds is the best part…no…maybe the parallel to the ground final 30m was the best…I don’t know…it was all awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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