22 Times Around the Sun

…that’s how much I have ran in my day.

Haha, just kidding of course. Today is my 22nd birthday. So far I have celebrated with a 10 mile run on a old, familiar route and a 3000 yard swim that included 22x100y (not a coincidence). I will continue to celebrate tonight at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. I can’t wait.

I picked up some new goodies for the triathlon/birthday gifts yesterday. I finally got some road shoes (I have been biking with mountain bike shoes/SPDs on my road bike) and some awesome Speed Play pedals. I also picked up a pair of DeSoto Tri shorts and a Zoot Sports visor. Since my hair is getting longer and I will soon need to run with a headband, I thought I might as well add a little extra sun protection.

The new gear
The new gear

Training has been awesome this week. Let me give a little recap.

Monday – Ran a hilly 10 miler in the morning (6:54 pace), swam 2200y, and then ran a few more miles in the afternoon. I commuted about 5.5 miles between home, swimming, and running.

Tuesday – 32.38 mile ride in the morning just over 95 minutes. In the afternoon I did a fun, short little workout with my old high school’s team. 4x400s on 3 minutes @ 64. 63.5, 64.7, 63.8, 63.9. A little jog, then 6×250 with 150 jog @ 37.7, 38.9, 38.4, 37.7, 37.3, 36.0. Then they did 10×150, so I opted for another 4×400. 63.5, 62.0, 64.2, 60.5. Tried so hard to break 60 on that last one but started to tie up the last 80m or so. Worked out to be a little shy of 8 miles of running.

Wednesday – Another hilly 10 miler, this one a little easier pace (7:22). 2300y swim. Then an easy 5 miler with the high school boys. Again, commuted on the bike about 5.5 miles.

Thursday – Met with a masters swim group that I am going to check out more extensively next week (1800y). Biked a little over 20 miles, picked up the gear I mentioned earlier, and then drove to the high school for another workout. 15 minute tempo @ 5:20 pace. Nice work Travis ;). 8 miles of running total.

Big Sky Championships

My teammates are in Missoula Montana for the Big Sky Championships this weekend. I want to wish them all good luck. NAU has the oppurtunity of being the first team to have male and female triple crowns in the same year (both teams have already won cross country and indoor track & field titles).

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