Getting My Head Wet

The semester cannot end soon enough. Somehow, four out of the five classes I am taking have a final project. This wouldn’t be so bad if the projects replaced final exams, but that is the case for only one of my classes. I just need to make a push these next few days and it will all be over. It can’t be as tough as training, right?

Since I am running less right now, I have found some time to get into the pool a few times and in the weight room. Each session in the pool is better than the previous, which is encouraging. I can only hope this trend continues and my progression doesn’t stagnate. I did a measly weight session with teammates Will Porter, Kam Holbrook, and Myles Kloer. Kam and Will have been encouraging me to “get my swell on” with them. Three exercises later and we were off to dinner. Sadly, I have been quite sore from benching 115 lbs and curling 25 lbs. Ouch.

In 5 days I will be done with finals/projects and preparing to hike Mt. Humphreys with my girlfriend. More on that to come…

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  1. Well if I still expect to improve after running for 16 years than I better continue to improve over a two month period swimming.

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