19 Days!

I am down to less than 20 days until the Breath of Life Ventura Triathlon. I am getting a little anxious, especially when I think about that 1500m ocean swim. I hope sharks sleep in on Sunday mornings.

Training has been going pretty well as I have been hitting it pretty hard. My swimming is really starting to come around. My goal of 26:00 is looking more and more attainable with each session in the pool… and I am still not doing flip turns! (I really need to get on that)

Biking is not progressing quite like the swimming, but I think that is simply because I don’t spend enough time on the bike. I have been looking at what some other triathletes do in terms of training, and they tend to spend the most time on the bike. As of right now, I’m looking at about 47% running, 26% swimming, and 27% biking. I have done a couple 40 mile rides (which is long for me) and plan on doing at least one 50 miler before the race.

I have mostly been doing easy runs with only a few workouts on a whim. Last week Charlie Serrano was preparing for a track 10k with 10 400s with 2 minutes rest. I thought, “What the hell,” and jumped in with him. I averaged about 63 seconds which was a little faster than I expected. Great news as it seems I haven’t lost much run fitness since my season ended. That means I need to make sure I take a little break after this triathlon before I jump into the summer mileage.

Shout out to former teammate Marten Bostrom for winning the Fontana Days Half Marathon in a PR of 1:03:41. Marten is headed home to Finland after spending four years studying and running at NAU. One of my current teammates, Ben Ashkettle, finished just behind Marten.

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