Pay it Forward

As I sit with family watching the Lakers game I thought I would share an anecdote about my ride today.

Around noon today I set out toward Camarillo on my bike for my longest ride yet — 50 miles. The sun was shining (finally!) and I was excited for my long ride.

Shortly after 30 miles I heard that dreaded sound of a popped tire. Shit. I started to phone home when another biker came along. He asked if I had a tube and I told him I didn’t. He immediately offered me his extra, tools and a hand pump.

On the side of Pleasant Valley Rd in Camarillo a stranger named Doug helped me change my tire. We had a short little chat… He lives in Camarillo and was actually going to be on his way to Simi Valley after his ride to take his children to a birthday party. Before we parted ways I thanked him and he said, “Pay it forward to someone else.”

That really made my day. It wouldn’t have been a big deal for someone to pick me up, but I was just so impressed by his ??generosity.

What a great day!

2 Replies to “Pay it Forward”

  1. You’re the biggest loser in the entire world. I have no respect for bike riders who don’t know how to change a tire let alone have the essential tools to change the tire with. Well, I guess you’re not that bad of a guy. Love cousin in-law Double J

  2. Touching Jason. So, have you paid it forward yet? My windows need some washing and I need some weeds pulled. Plus I have a sink full of dishes and I know how much you love doing dishes!! xo, Hanna

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