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  • Time Trial and Brick Action

    Posted on June 18th, 2009

    These last few days I have done some tough workouts that should be good indicators of where my fitness is at. Monday I decided to go for a 1650 yard time trial in the pool (~1500m which is my race distance). The goal pace was 26:00 and I was happy to see that it wasn’t too bad to hold this pace. I finished at 25:55 with some energy to spare.

    Tuesday I decided it was time to see where my run fitness is at with a 10k tempo. I ran 32:53 (5:18 pace) and felt decent at the end. I am hoping that I can run at least 34 minutes with an all out effort at the end of the race.

    Today I did a modified workout that we do at NAU a couple times of year. It consists of 4×400, 10 minute LT (a bit easier than tempo), 4×400, 10min LT, 4×400. The idea is that both systems, aerobic and anarobic get worked. In the triathlon spirit, I modified this workout to make it a brick. After a 2 mile warm up, I went for a 10 mile bike. Once back at the track, I ran 3×800, headed out for about 12-13 minutes on the bike, 3×800, 12-13 minutes on the bike, and 3 more 800s. It was hot, but I was really happy with how my legs felt coming off the bike. 800s were 2:27-2:29 with a 2:18 last one.

    I am going for a long run with teammate Myles Kloer tomorrow off Mulholland drive near UCLA. I have never been there, but I have heard it is a nice place to run. Other than that, next week should look pretty easy. A couple bike rides with some “race pace” riding, maybe some strides or shorter reps for running, and in the pool a few times.