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  • Making the Best of a Bum Knee

    Posted on December 29th, 2009

    About a week and a half ago, my left knee started bothering me. I thought it was nothing, so I continued running through it. The pain never got too bad, but it persisted, so I have decided to take some time off of running to let it heal. I have been seeing a physical therapist/chiropractor, Brett Darrington, that helped me recover from many an injury in high school. Here are some pictures my teammates and I sent to Brett for his help in high school: Thanks from Jason, 2005 Royal Cross Country team, 2004 State Champions.

    While I wait for Brett’s magic to kick in and let the knee heal, I have been swimming a lot. This month I have swam almost 23 miles. I am really working on improving my stroke as opposed to increasing my swim fitness. I want to be quick and efficient through the water and swimming hard intervals with poor form won’t get me there. With this in mind, I stopped by Big 5 Sporting Goods a couple days ago to pick up a Nike pull buoy and Speedo paddles. After three days of using these new toys I am already feeling a difference. Today, I set a PR in the 50y by two seconds — 30 seconds. Now I need to focus on hitting 50y splits in 30 seconds on my way to 200, 400, 800 yards and beyond.