FINALLY On With Recovery

Wednesday I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee to remove Plica. I was told that the surgery was successful and that the it was the largest Plica the doctor had ever removed. Apparently it was about the size of two quarters and had begun wearing?? a groove in my patella. One of my reservations about the surgery was the possibility that the doctor might not find anything in the knee causing the pain. Needless to say, I was happy to hear he found what we were looking for.

The pain has been pretty minimal. I have been taking ibuprofen during the day and one Hydrocodone before I go to bed at night, taking less as each day passes. There is quite a bit of swelling, as is expected, so I ice it often and try to have it elevated at all times. Reducing the swelling is the key to how soon I will recover.

I have been given some quad strengthening exercises aimed at reducing the effects of atrophy as well as general strength in the knee. Each day I will hopefully be able to do a little bit more and will see a slight improvement in my range of motion.

I have an appointment on Thursday with the doctor to go over the surgery and discuss which activities I can resume doing. Hopefully I will be able to do some light running and some easy spinning on a stationary bike next weekend. It sounds like swimming might have to wait a while longer as the incisions must be completely healed before I get in the pool.

Until then I will continue to try to improve a little bit each day.

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  1. Finally getting back to the game is great after having an extended off period. It can also be surprising to see what kind of an effect “cross-training” activities like swimming and cycling (and in my case, rowing) can have on running after an extended period off. Hopefully you can reap those benefit!

  2. I wondered if you recovered well and fully back in your running routine?
    Glad you did the surgery? How long after the surgery until you were back to where you were physically?

  3. I have no regrets getting the surgery. It took me about 5 months until I was back to running 100 miles/week, but only 2-3 until I was back up to 60 with lots of cross training mixed in there.

  4. I will have plica removal surgery on my left knee Tuesday september 27, 2011. I am worried that it may not make things better and possibly make it worse. I’ve read horrible stories about people who regret having the surgery, because it made their knee worse. I am hopeful after reading your experience, and glad you are doing so well! Thanks for posting your experience.


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