Our Cure to Cancer

The semester is winding down and for senior engineering students that means you better have your capstone project complete. Yesterday was NAU’s UGRAD Symposium. Undergraduate students doing research or projects do a 1.5 hour poster session answering questions from judges and then a 20 minute presentation.

My group’s project was the build an automated Petri dish filling machine for the Adams Cancer lab on campus. We have successfully built a device that will fill 60 Petri dishes in under 15 minutes, allowing the lab to conduct more experiments and while spending less money on wages for students to fill the dishes. Everyone that got a chance to see it at UGRAD seemed to be thoroughly impressed, especially the Bio and Chem students. Little do they know our device is cutting down their hours of being paid in the lab. Suckers.

Below is a 5 minute video we made for our team’s website.

Automated Petri Dish Filler from ACL, NAU’s Senior Capstone Team from zach on Vimeo.

On top of all of this, I had three other projects due last week — one each in Aerodynamics, Finite Elements Analysis and Discrete Math. It feels really good to be done with the week. Now I can enjoy the weather on the trails and in the saddle and just worry about finals, like the rest of college students. Scary to think that grad school will likely be more intense than this.

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  1. Actually I’m not sure if it is quite a patentable idea, as there are others on the market and I don’t think we are sufficiently unique, but I think we may pursue getting something published in a science journal. Something along the lines of, “how to build a Petri dish filler for less than $1k.” (the current ones on the market are $20k+)

    But thanks for the compliment.

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