“It Makes It Really Fun”

I’m a little late here (about one week), but my teammate David McNeill deserves some massive congratulations for winning his second 5000m NCAA title this year! After running away from NCAA cross country champion Sam Chalenga in the indoor 5000 back in March, McNeill put himself in a familiar position in Saturday’s final with 500m to go. Watch below as the final ~800m unfolds.

A tremendous effort. I was watching the race live on TV at my brother’s house in Davis, CA with my family. We cheered Dave on — clapping and yelling at the TV. Honestly, I think I will remember this moment for a long time. Now that my siblings and I are “all grown up,” opportunities to have the whole family together have become few and far between.?? So a big thanks, as well as congratulations, to my friend and teammate David McNeill for putting on a great performance for me and my family to share.

The second video is a rather long one (9 minutes) of an interview after winning his race. He is always very well spoken and often includes a few gems. A couple minutes in he talks about how much fun competing at that level is. A good reminder to keep things in perspective.

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