Now we go the other way

Yesterday was the winter solstice. Growing up in the southwest my whole life I didn’t have much of an appreciation for the winter and summer solstices until I was in high school or so. Around that time I learned from my Farfar that in northern countries like Denmark, the amount of daylight each day, and whether it was increasing or decreasing, is a hot topic. Each summer and winter solstice he would say to my dad (in Danish of course), “Now we go the other way.”

My Farfar was the first to congratulate after I won the Breath of Life triathlon in July

My Farfar passed away on November 23rd. We had a wonderful memorial for him on Saturday. It was quite emotional as you may imagine, but it was nice to share many great stories of him with family and friends.

Now as we look the “other way” towards the summer solstice, things look bleak despite the promise of long, warm summer days. My Farfar won’t be around to share his wisdom and cheer me on from the sidelines of my next triathlon. Still, I will continue to persistently pursue my dreams, knowing that these sad days will pass, and the sun will shine again.

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