FISU Taiwan Day 2

Yesterday I was trying to fight the jet lag and go to bed at a normal hour. After dinner, I crawled into bed around 7:45. I read about four sentences from my book and I was out. I slept straight through until about 3 am. I got up and had a snack and was able to go back asleep around 4. Breakfast wasn’t until 7, so it was a solid snooze.

Surprisingly nice pool

We hopped on a bus and drove to a swimming pool a few miles away. We were all very surprised when we saw the pool. It was a gorgeous 50m pool with a little shade cover that covered about half the pool. We did a 1 hour workout and then hopped out for a run. The pool was at a park that had some bike paths meandering through it and found a dirt track (a novelty in the US these days!). I did a little timed fartlek and was very pleased with how my legs felt after all the travel.

Moving the cover over the pool
A pond at the park we ran at

After lunch back at the hotel I spent some time with our bike mechanic Brian Hughes making a few adjustments to my bike. With my new Enve wheels and this tune up, the ol’ Blue is riding faster than ever!

At 4:00 in the afternoon the team headed out on the bike to check out the bike course. Dustin and I checked it out yesterday, but the rest of the team came arrived last night and hadn’t seen the course yet. A second look was probably a good idea anyway.

Tonight I will be getting a quick massage before bed from our team trainer Brent Hamula. It sure is nice travelling with an entourage!

Again, I am struggling to post pictures. I am in a lobby of the hotel where the wifi signal is much better, but posting photos has still proven to be difficult.

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