OTC Collegiate Recruitment Camp Video

Last year I was invited to an 8-day camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs as part of the Collegiate Recruitment Program. 2004 Olympian and CRP coordinator Barb Lindquist led the camp, teaching us the ins and outs of the ITU professional triathlon circuit.

Since this is a primarily a skills camp, athletes are not invited to return the following year. The idea is that you graduate from the camp and should now be implementing what you learned in real-life race situations, as I am doing in my first professional season.

For this year’s camp, USA Triathlon made a video narrated by Barb of all the activities they did. While I am not in this video, I thought it was worth sharing as it shows the same venues we used and similar exercises.

2012 USAT Collegiate Recruitment Camp

Thanks for sharing this link Chris Baird.

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