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  • 2012 by the Numbers

    Posted on December 31st, 2012

    If you know me personally, you know I like data. I have always been a diligent workout-logger (not to be confused with a workout-slogger). I earned the nickname “Point 1” my freshman year at NAU for telling coach my long run of the summer had been 13 point 1 miles. My teammates would later go on to call me “Gadget,” as I was an early adopter of running with Garmins. I like looking at numbers, making graphs, and seeing how it all adds up to the big picture. With that in mind, I thought I’d throw out a lot of numbers from this past year, from training to racing to…

    • 1 — Professional podium.
    • 6 — Countries stamped into my passport.
    • — Days completely off (generally due to travel).
    • 12 — I raced 12 times in 2012, 10 of which were multisport races, 1 bike race and 1 road race. (compare that with 14 in 2011, 5 of which were multisport and 9 were on the track)
    • 22Strava KOM’s. Note: I’m only counting ones that I earned, and still hold, in 2012. Also, run “CR’s” don’t count. They’re too easy.
    • 493 — Twitter followers at the end of the year.
    • 879 — Total entries in my training log for 2012. (a couple workouts got split into two or three entries, so I would estimate there were 850 unique workouts in there, making an average of 2.32 workouts a day)
    • 915 — total hours logged (2.5 hours/day). On my way to 10,000 hours!
    • 1,896 — miles run. Well below my 3,655 mile total from a couple years ago.
    • 2,550 — Dollars won. *before taxes 😉
    • 4,961 — I rode my bike 4,961 miles this year. (276 hours)
    • 6,319 — TrainingPeaks estimate of the most calories burned in one day (this is likely way off… I’m not aware of how TrainingPeaks calculates calories burned). This was on Pi day 🙂 and consisted of two 90 minute swims and a 3.5 hour ride.
    • 7,000 — Longest swim of the year was 7,000 yards. Main set was 15×200.
    • 1.37 million — yards swum.

    Looking forward to more of the same, but faster, in 2013!