2012 by the Numbers

If you know me personally, you know I like data. I have always been a??diligent??workout-logger (not to be confused with a workout-slogger). I earned the nickname “Point 1” my freshman year at NAU for telling coach my long run of the summer had been 13??point 1??miles. My teammates would later go on to call me “Gadget,” as I was an early adopter of running with Garmins.??I like looking at numbers, making graphs, and seeing how it all adds up to the big picture. With that in mind, I thought I’d throw out a lot of numbers from this past year, from training to racing to…

  • 1 — Professional podium.
  • 6??– Countries stamped into my passport.
  • 7??— Days completely off (generally due to travel).
  • 12??– I raced 12 times in 2012, 10 of which were multisport races, 1 bike race and 1 road race. (compare that with 14 in 2011, 5 of which were multisport and 9 were on the track)
  • 22Strava KOM’s. Note: I’m only counting ones that I earned, and still hold, in 2012. Also, run “CR’s” don’t count. They’re too easy.
  • 493??– Twitter followers at the end of the year.
  • 879??– Total entries in my training log for 2012. (a couple workouts got split into two or three entries, so I would estimate there were 850 unique workouts in there, making an average of 2.32 workouts a day)
  • 915??– total hours logged (2.5 hours/day). On my way to 10,000 hours!
  • 1,896??–??miles run. Well below my 3,655 mile total from a couple years ago.
  • 2,550??– Dollars won.??*before taxes 😉
  • 4,961 — I rode my bike 4,961 miles this year. (276 hours)
  • 6,319??— TrainingPeaks estimate of the most calories burned in one day (this is likely way off… I’m not aware of how TrainingPeaks calculates calories burned). This was on Pi day 🙂 and consisted of two 90 minute swims and a 3.5 hour ride.
  • 7,000 — Longest swim of the year was 7,000 yards. Main set was 15×200.
  • 1.37 million??– yards swum.

Looking forward to more of the same, but??faster, in 2013!

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