Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree & Reforest’Action

Green Take Over Social Media Badge 3For those of you that missed my recent social media postings and still like to follow me exclusively through my website, I wanted to tell you about a??GREEN??initiative from my newest sponsor, Paul Mitchell.??Paul Mitchell is probably best known for being a leader in the beauty industry with it’s premium brands and products, like Awapuhi, Tea Tree, their men’s line MITCH, Pro Tools, etc. But when you look beyond the great products, you will find an even better company that has shown over it’s history that successful companies can be run??the right way.

  • In 1980, Paul Mitchell became the first professional beauty company to announce they do not conduct or endorse animal testing, and never will.
  • In 1983, co-founders Paul Mitchell and John Paul Dejoria purchased land in Hawaii. This is now home to a solar-powered, off-grid farm. All of the awapuhi used in their products is grown and harvested from this farm.
  • “Success unshared is failure.” Co-founder John Paul Dejoria is now just as famous for his philanthropy as his business success. #GivingIsMyStyle is the face of Paul Mitchell’s culture of giving.

Paul Mitchell is now asking its customers to help them give back, with the support of Reforest’Action, by planting trees in Guatemala and Peru to support rainforest conservation and reforestation in those areas. Paul Mitchell is hoping to plant??500,000 trees by the end of 2016. The month of April is “Earth Month,” and you can help in the #GreenTakeover by visiting using code: SPORTATREE.

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