Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a great Christmas. Hopefully Santa brought you just what you wanted. He brought me a bicycle trainer so I can ride in the Flagstaff winter. Hopefully I will see the benefits of the winter riding come summer.
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A Quick Update

It has been a little while since I have updated my loyal followers (i.e. my Dad, girl friend and perhaps my roommate) on my adventures.

Following the triathlon I took a week almost completely off (2 runs ~5 miles each and a couple of hikes). I spent the 4th of July in Tahoe with my parents, my brother Andrew and his wife Gina, and Tina. We had a great time.

After the vacation I began running again and I started a job. It is an internship actually but it is still work. Definitely happy to earn some experience but I miss running in the mornings with my friends.

Lunchtime is over so I got to get back to work. More updates soon!

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Pay it Forward

As I sit with family watching the Lakers game I thought I would share an anecdote about my ride today.

Around noon today I set out toward Camarillo on my bike for my longest ride yet — 50 miles. The sun was shining (finally!) and I was excited for my long ride.

Shortly after 30 miles I heard that dreaded sound of a popped tire. Shit. I started to phone home when another biker came along. He asked if I had a tube and I told him I didn’t. He immediately offered me his extra, tools and a hand pump.

On the side of Pleasant Valley Rd in Camarillo a stranger named Doug helped me change my tire. We had a short little chat… He lives in Camarillo and was actually going to be on his way to Simi Valley after his ride to take his children to a birthday party. Before we parted ways I thanked him and he said, “Pay it forward to someone else.”

That really made my day. It wouldn’t have been a big deal for someone to pick me up, but I was just so impressed by his ??generosity.

What a great day!

I’m on the CrackBerry

Yesterday I replaced my old phone with a BlackBerry Storm. It is a really cool phone and I am having fun learning to use it. I will be able to post from it when I don’t have time to get to a computer.

Today was another nice day in Simi Valley. Probably a high of 75. I went for a 32 mile ride in the morning which is my longest ride in a long while. A couple hours later I was on the track at my old high school running with the boys. 4×400 6×250 and 4 more 400s. My last 400 I was hoping to go sub 60 but I really locked up the last 50m or so. Not bad considering I haven’t done anything fast since my race at Sun Devil Invitational.

Tomorrow I will hope to get in some run mileage and get into the pool.

And… I am seeing Weezer on Saturday at the Weenie roast! I am really excited about that.
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