FISU Taiwan Day 1

Hello from the other side of the world!

After taking off Tuesday morning at 1:35, I landed Wednesday morning at 6:20 in Taipei, Taiwan. I had a window seat, which I thought would be good for sleeping, but I only could manage maybe 4 hours of sleep for the 14 hour flight. The man in the aisle next to me never stood up once! And the girl in the aisle seat must have slept a solid 8 hours with her head resting on her tray table. I guess being little has its advantages…

Interesting bus that took us from Taipei to Shangrila

My roommate for this trip Dustin McLarty and I got through customs and baggage claim quickly and met up with Team USA coordinator for this trip, Steve Kelley. We then hopped on a bus for about 90 minutes through the mountains (literally through the mountains… there were many tunnels several miles long)??and made our way to the race host hotel Shangrila in Yilan. Yilan is quite rural, especially compared to Taipei, with rice paddies mixed with the occasional home or apartment building.

Lots of tall apartment buildings in Taipei.

After putting our bikes back together, we headed out for a ride with the British boys and a couple girls from South Africa. It is very warm with temps hovering in the low 90’s and humidity above 60%. Dustin and I got a chance to look at the bike course, which is quite flat and on well-paved roads.

Since the ride we had lunch at the hotel’s buffet and are trying to keep ourselves awake to fight the jet lag. We will probably go for a little run in a bit, which should help get us through another couple hours.



Tomorrow we are headed to a local pool in the morning with the rest of Team USA (they arrive tonight). More updates with pictures to come!

EDIT: I’m having trouble posting pictures. Wifi isn’t the best here. I guess you get what you pay for. I will keep trying, hopefully they will be up soon.